Christmas ideas
November 22, 2020

10 Family Outing Ideas for Christmas


Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones, building and bonding relationships, and making memories. Whilst there may be several travel bans, there is always a new way to explore your own city. Thinking of new, fun activities to do as a family can often be challenging, but we’ve got you covered! Here are ten different family outing ideas for the Christmas break that you can try out, or use as inspiration to get creative. Whether your family is big or small, or if you have older or younger children; there is something for everyone. 

Family Yoga

Being outdoors amongst nature with your family on a sunny summer’s day is a great way to keep fit and be adventurous all at the same time. Big kids, little kids or parents that are kids at heart can come together in a light-hearted environment for some outdoor family fun. Outdoor body flow yoga is one way to get outside. Yoga is a soothing and relaxing activity, that can take your mind off of the chaotic stresses of Christmas. Grab your yoga mats, practise your favourite yin yoga poses, keep hydrated and maybe even prepare a fruit platter to dig into afterwards! If you are looking for an affordable activity, which requires no bookings or travelling far distances, taking your laptop to the local park can be a great idea. YouTube or other online platforms can guide you through different yoga positions and workout programs. 

Museum Day

Heading to a museum with your family is a great way to learn new things. Visiting museums is a rather beneficial educational activity, especially for those who have an interest in history! Whether you are learning about ancient Greece and the Greek gods, or you are admiring ancient Egypt, this is a full day’s worth of fun, with so much to see and learn. Looking into the wondrous museum display cabinets can be quite inspirational. Some museums are even hosting different exhibitions now that some COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. Alternatively, some exhibition display services are offering online showings.

Light Shows 

If you have to work over the Christmas break, and you need to come up for some ideas for your full-time nanny, don’t stress! Here is an easy idea that you can suggest. The one thing that everyone loves during the Christmas holidays is the amount of effort families put into their Christmas lights. Spend the night walking the streets, watching amazing light shows, and even meeting Santa! This can also mean that your live in nanny stays close to home. Dress up in your favourite Christmas colours and get excited!

Family Bike Ride

Grabbing the family and going for a bike ride on a kid-friendly track is an awesome way to spend the day. Get your helmets ready, put on your runners and get going! Riding along the beach or in green parkland is a lovely way to soak up some warm weather. Be sure to stop off for some water to keep hydrated, and treat yourselves to a scoop of ice cream from the ice cream truck! Preparing a backpack of the essentials before you leave and prepping some snacks can always be a fun way for the kids to feel like they’re getting ready for the big day out.

Fun Games at the Park

Playing games at the local park can ignite a competitive streak within the family, whether it be sport-related, fun activities like frisbee or even jump rope! This is a great way of getting everyone on board and staying active. Making teams and wearing team colours is also a fun idea. Once again, at no cost, it is something that allows you to still bond with the family and create new, funny memories. Play some music on a loudspeaker, cook up a BBQ for lunch and spend the day outdoors!

Getting Crafty 

Want to get crafty? Attending an art, or painting class with your family is a great way for you to express your individuality and show off any hidden talents you may secretly have. Whether this is in an art studio, or the comfort of your own home, it can be good to let loose and laugh.


With COVID-19 and the restrictions of not being able to go away, holiday options are limited this year. For families who love to travel, settling for something like camping instead, or even a road trip could be something new to try out. Packing the essentials like tents, lots of blankets to keep warm, marshmallows for the fire and so much more will make for a relaxing getaway. If you are camping near a lake, and if safe to do so, water sports are also a great way to take your camping to the next level. Canoeing, stand up paddle boarding and water skiing are just a few activities to try out. You could even head out camping with another family or some friends.

Beach fun

Get your beach bag ready, pack your bathers, a volleyball and some sunscreen! Heading to the beach as a family is a great way to spend your Australian Christmas break during the summertime. Collecting shells, making sandcastles and having a swim in the ocean are just a few simple things you can enjoy doing whilst at the beach. 

Go Christmas Tree Shopping

Going to a Christmas Tree Farm and finding the perfect sized tree for your family is a fantastic way to get excited for the holidays. It’s not Christmas without an awesome tree, right? Decide on some colours, grab some tinsel, and some decorations and make it your own. Don’t forget the star on top of the tree of course!

Get some photos with Santa

Grab the whole family! Mum, Dad, the kids, the grandparents and even the pooch can head to Santa for a fantastic family photo. This is something you can send out to friends as a Christmas card, put on the fridge, or put in a photo frame. Most importantly, it is something you can treasure for the rest of your life.