travel ideas
December 17, 2020

Travel Ideas for When Borders Open

International borders have seen a hard shutdown throughout 2020 with most countries closing off contact with foreign tourists, in order to protect their citizens from the dreaded Coronavirus. Now that we’re heading into the end of 2020, borders are beginning to open around the world, and people are gearing up to start travelling again. People have been confined to their home countries, and some to their home states for the better part of the year. While some people didn’t see as much of a disruption to their daily lives, others had to cancel exotic holidays they’d been looking forward to for years. Those with the travel bug have been itching to get overseas to experience new things – and with the borders reopening, they finally have their chance! This article will help you find new and exciting activities to do abroad.

Working and Studying Abroad

Working abroad can be incredibly rewarding and enriching to your life. Experiencing new cultures and learning new languages can help you gain a better insight into yourself and your own life. If you’re not yet sure what career path you want to follow, or you’re not sure what you want your life to ultimately look like, working or studying abroad can really open your eyes and help you to realise what it is you want to do. There are a wide range of opportunities for you to try, so that you can experience a variety of industries before you decide what you want to do long-term. If paid work is proving difficult to find, consider some available internships to gain experience. A lot of companies enjoy having interns because it helps them share the workload without increasing business expenses. All of this helps to boost your work prospects back home, as employers view experience abroad favourably. Having overseas work experience shows that you are adaptable, confident, and skilled in a variety of tasks, and this is something employers will definitely take note of!

Doing an overseas internship program can expand your horizons significantly! The networking opportunities are endless, with possibilities to meet people all over the world. Most schools and universities offer some type of exchange program, which involves paying your own expenses, but the school will usually organise the itinerary and lesson plans for you. These semesters abroad are spent studying similar class topics to those you would be learning at your home school. As such, these international subjects count as credits towards your qualification. There are a few companies offering internships for students around the world, so you can work and study in a new country! Just like working abroad, future employers are impressed by new graduates who have spent time overseas, as it shows that they are adaptable, responsible and organised.

Going Overseas for a Holiday

Going overseas for pleasure has been sorely missed while the borders have been closed. The rush you get from booking an overseas holiday is often enough to help your stress melt away. Whether it’s a short 4-hour flight, or a 36-hour long-haul, getting on an aeroplane on your way to a holiday is thrilling! Overseas holidays are a great way to help you escape from your daily routine and have some relaxation time away from work and other responsibilities. You can visit the sunny beaches of Bora Bora, the shopping precincts in Paris, the rolling hills in Florence or the snowy Swiss Alps. There is so much variety in the world; there is always something new to experience. Museums are a great place to start, especially if you visit some of the top-rated museums around the world. Paris is home to two of the top-rated museums in the world: The Louvre and Musee d’Orsay. These should both be at the top of your list. With their plethora of rare, invaluable artworks from the likes of Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet, these are two museums are unlike any other.

Cosmetic Procedures Overseas

With the borders closed, many people had to postpone cosmetic procedures that they had planned well in advance. They may have chosen to book such procedures in a foreign country due to the affordable prices – these range from surgical breast augmentations to liposuction procedures. Having to cancel such life-altering treatment was incredibly disappointing for many people. However, now that the borders are reopening, the idea of cosmetic procedures is back on the cards. Travelling overseas for such procedures has many pros, but also some cons you should be aware of. While the lower price of procedures may be tempting, make sure you factor in the costs of flights, accommodation and other expenses associated with being away from home. Travel insurance could cost you hundreds, and if the doctor that performs your procedure isn’t properly accredited, your insurance could become nullified. This means that if something goes wrong, you could be out of pocket thousands more than you had originally planned for. Plus, there are plenty of accredited doctors here in Australia that offer affordable procedures and flexible breast implant payment plans. Going overseas for these procedures might not always be the best option. That said, if you do end up going overseas for your procedure, take advantage of the new scenery by visiting the tourist destinations and soaking in the culture before you have anything done. Chances are you will be stuck in bed for your recovery afterwards.

Getting overseas has always been an exciting adventure for many people. The lockdown around the world in 2020 has been hard on many people who had holidays booked, who have family in other countries, or wanted to get overseas for work or study. Being restricted to their homelands caused some people to feel isolated, lonely, and bored. The good news is that some borders are reopening around the world, and life is starting to return to normal after the initial shocks of the Coronavirus pandemic. Holidays are back on the cards, work and study abroad is possible again, and those cancelled cosmetic procedures can finally go ahead overseas or at home. So, whether you’re keen to go shopping in New York, do an overseas business internship or want to unwind on the white sandy beaches of Fiji, getting overseas has never been more exciting. Flights will be in high demand when the borders open up, so be sure to book early to avoid price hikes!